Our Favourite Places for Your Next Wellness Retreat

22 Dec, 2022

From the busy cities of Australia to the vast outback, no matter where you live, there comes a time when we all need to pamper ourselves. And we’ve selected some of the best wellness retreats in Australia. From secluded nature escapes to adventure packed activities, you’ll definitely find it all on this list!

This Stand Tall Retreat in the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales is the perfect escape for a luxury weekend filled with peaceful serenity. Experience a 2-night stay at this tranquil oasis surrounded by the lush scenery of a 2-acre farm. The beautifully designed space can accommodate 18 people with an option for sharing. Reignite your passion with creative activities and cultural experiences as local artists take you on a journey to inspire and empower you. From wholesome food by local caterers to perfume workshops, yoga, meditation, bush walking, luxury facial massages, kayaking, swimming, and horse riding, you will restore balance and create harmony within yourself.

"Reignite your passion with creative activities and cultural experiences as local artists take you on a journey to inspire and empower you."

Explore your body and mind at the Om Sweet Om Milton wellness retreat, situated in the stunning South Coast of NSW. Discover ancient forms of yogic practices, with breathing exercises to regulate your nervous system and focus your mind. Experience the wonders of Ashtanga, heat building Vinyasa exercises, and restorative Yin methods, or indulge in an all-exclusive head massage surrounded by the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls in the oil temple. Embrace this holistic experience and discover ancient philosophies that will guide you with the intention of mindfulness. This is the perfect retreat getaway for those who want to build their inner ‘zen.’

Imagine waking up in the morning to the view of a beautiful vineyard, surrounded by the borders of the serene Red Hill in Mornington Peninsula. This is what awaits you at the Polperro Farmhouse. Escape the city’s hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in a wonderful 3-day experience. Starting with a quiet morning at the Peninsula Hot Springs, to a private shopping experience, and a wine tasting paired with a fancy dining experience, Polperro Farmhouse gives you the views and sounds of nature that can heal your soul.

"Embrace this holistic experience and discover ancient philosophies that will guide you with the intention of mindfulness."

Bathe in the healing waters amidst a forest surrounded by a canopy of trees and tranquil nature of the Belair National Park. Why not experience the artistic retreat of a mandala workshop, with Cathy Gray? Delve deep into your mind and feel the power of creativity flow within you. Discover Ayurvedic cooking recipes with an interactive workshop, and help prepare a delicious dinner using some of the freshest local ingredients. Cycle along hills and explore surrounding organic farms, winery-cellar doors, and see Jurlique’s nourishing ingredients used in their skincare products. Take a stretch with an experienced yogi master to strengthen your core muscles. This wellness retreat in the Adelaide Hills is the perfect place to come and escape the weight on your shoulders!

A stay at this spectacular 200-hectare property, nestled in the mountain lies a wellness retreat sanctuary in South-East Queensland, that will guide you towards a journey of an ultimate health cleanse. Disconnect and relax while you take a therapeutic journey of a lifetime, with Gwinganna’s inclusive retreat packages. Revitalise your tired soul in a range of accommodation options from cute cottages, luxury villas, and premium suites. Dine on a fabulous wholefood menu, indulge in exotic relaxing massage treatments, and be guided through a range of wellness seminars, meditations, and demonstrations by yogi masters. Experience this cosy wellness retreat and replenish your soul to your heart’s delight.

" Cruise through untouched islands and restore balance with daily meditation."

Tucked away in the lush Currumbin Valley in Queensland, lies 400 acres of lush greenery and rainforest. This Eden oasis is the ideal state-of-the-art getaway, for everyone! With an inclusive 3-night escape, you can choose personalised programs tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a quiet day at the spa or an adventure packed afternoon, you can enjoy a number of activities like yoga, hikes, boxing, and dance class. You can relax in the day spa and enjoy powerful healing therapies and treatments, as well as enjoy an infrared sauna and steam room. Nourish your soul with fresh ingredients in an elegant dining room, and learn some secret tips from the chefs. Enjoy a five-star luxury wellness while being surrounded by nature.

Immerse yourself in a four-day wellness retreat that is the perfect gateway to peace and quiet. Filled with a number of soothing activities, you can experience abundant nature, fresh food, quiet yoga, and meditation. Take a short flight to Esperance and breathe in the lush surroundings of this spectacular place. Spot wild kangaroos around sandy beaches, unplug from the city’s rush, and enjoy the beautiful scenery all around. Cruise through untouched islands and restore balance with daily meditation. At this retreat, you can also allow yourself to delve deep and let your creativity flow with photography and art classes. De-stress, and try to rekindle your passion with like-minded souls in this haven.

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