The Perfect Wellness Getaway with Australia’s 5 Favourite Yoga Retreats

18 Sep, 2022

The hustle and bustle of the day-to-day can get overwhelming for even the most resilient souls. What you need is some time off for rejuvenation and relaxation away from the outside world, and that’s what yoga retreats do best. Yoga provides you with the tranquillity you crave, combined with age-old techniques that strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Looking for the perfect wellness getaway? Here are some of Well Traveller’s favourite yoga retreats.

Replenish Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Great Ocean Road Resort, Victoria

For those looking to combine luxury with nature, and feel pampered and energised, Replenish Health and Wellbeing Retreat by Great Ocean Road Resort is a perfect choice.

Located along the coast, surrounded by the exquisite greens and blues that are seldom found in the city, guests can undertake the path to mindfulness peacefully. The resort offers sessions on building a positive mindset, managing stress, and improving your nutritional health.

Ideal for those looking to mingle in smaller groups, the resort offers countless packages set for every occasion and need, including special retreats tailored for families, corporates, and people of all ages and genders.

Guests can recharge at the spa after an immersive yoga session, and then head on over to the resort’s luxurious restaurant that sets a standard for fine dining with exquisite meals. As you create connections with like-minded strangers from all walks of life and bond over laughs and much-needed therapy for the soul, you leave feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you than ever before.

"The resort offers sessions on building a positive mindset, managing stress, and improving your nutritional health"

Rejuvenate to Thrive Retreat
Revitalise Escapes, Victoria

A transformative experience awaits guests at the Rejuvenate to Thrive Retreat by Revitalise Escapes, where one can heal, nourish and connect while immersing themselves in the lush environment that surrounds them.

Situated along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, you can expect to feel nurtured and relaxed through the countless wellness activities the retreat provides. Engage your mind and body while taking in the refreshing coastal breeze.

The resort’s warm and welcoming atmosphere will leave you feeling calm and centred. Guests have a plethora of options to look forward to, including meditation, art therapy, tai chi, sound healing and more. Additionally, the resort also offers facilities such as an indoor pool, tennis court, gym and fire pit.

"Engage your mind and body while taking in the refreshing coastal breeze."

Adelaide Hills Wellness Escape
Untamed Escapes, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

The sustainable, all-inclusive, and breathtaking Adelaide Hills Wellness Escape by Untamed Escapes will transport you to a state of peace and calmness.

Mirroring the name it holds, Untamed Escapes offers you a curated retreat set in the midst of plentiful greenery, surrounded by local wildlife. Step without hesitation outside of your comfort zone and partake in the many available activities based on your tastes and needs.

Guests can enjoy a forest bathing experience at Belair National Park or explore their artistic side at the mindful mandala workshop, hosted by local artist Cathy Gray. If you would like to try your hand at Ayurvedic cooking, an interactive workshop awaits you, where you can learn about local ingredients, flavours, benefits, and more while preparing yourself a wholesome and delicious dinner.

Truly a choice for those who want to be one with nature, Untamed Escapes, nestled in the midst of expansive hills, brings the beauty of the wild, one step closer to you.

" Step without hesitation outside of your comfort zone and partake in the many available activities based on your tastes and needs."

Health and Wellness Weekender
Australian Coastal Safaris, Lower Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Set along the sweeping coast, cushioned by rolling waves and salty breeze, the Health and Wellness Weekender by Australian Coastal Safaris is perfect for those looking for some active relaxation.

The unspoiled natural landscapes with plentiful native wildlife that surround the resort sets the perfect atmosphere for guests to unwind and reconnect with themselves. Guests may take part in earth walks, yoga, breath workshops, or even swimming with sea lions, as the resort’s activities are sure to fill up even the most sluggish of days with rejuvenating fun. You will also have the opportunity to learn straight from a First Nations Healer as you sit in on a yarning session.

You will have access to fresh seafood and local produce for every meal, making sure your nutritional needs never fall behind. And after a long day, you can unwind at the spa and let your body finally catch up to your mind.

This two-day weekender will leave you feeling inspired, empowered and free.

Yoga and Wellness Glamping Adventure
Untamed Escapes, Margaret River, Western Australia

At the Yoga and Wellness Glamping Adventure by Untamed Escapes, the process to disconnect with the world and unwind from the routine is easier, as the retreat is tailored to refresh you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

This glamping experience takes place over three nights and four days, where guests will find themselves relaxing in beautiful bell tents on a lush permaculture farm. The farm features stunning food gardens, a yoga barn and Farm Cafe.

The retreat offers many activities, including forest walks, SUP yoga, meditation, sound healing sessions, and hikes on the Cape to Cape Track and at Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

The retreat also offers a spice masterclass, sourdough workshop, and tours of Giniversity and notable vineyards, where those with wandering tastebuds and a passion for trying foods will be able to indulge in exquisite wines and cheeses. Foodies will not be disappointed.

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