Nurture and replenish

Tending to wounds to our hearts and souls - including the slow build-up of stress that can impact our sense of wellbeing - can sometimes be harder than healing a physical injury or imbalance.

Heading to the great outdoors is one of the easiest ways to help the internal healing process. The freshness of the ocean, the stillness of a forest, the serene flow of a river, even the rolling hills of farm country - these are all spaces for mindfulness or meditation, where nature therapy can take place.

Need a more serious dose of restoration? Then choose a destination that offers some form of wellness treatment. It could be as simple as soaking in mineral-rich springs, or as unexpected as a session of equine therapy, but it will help boost you to a better level of being.

Experiences to heal

Retreat Day by Davaar House

If you are looking for the ultimate self-care spa day, the 5-hour ‘Retreat Day’ at Davaar House in Adelaide is it...

2-night Signature Wellness Package at Crane Lodge

Crane Lodge, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, is immersed in 360 degrees of lush greenery...

Discover COMO Shambhala – 2-night Package

Located within the magnificent COMO The Treasury, COMO Shambhala Urban Escape is a wellness sanctuary...

Forest Bathing at Qii House

Qii House is tucked away in a tranquil, lush rainforest on top of Erskine Falls ...

Wild Wellness Fire and Ice Walk

Here is your chance to experience what Alice Hansen’s Wild Wellness is all about - you’ll be...

Bathhouse Calm

The Aurora Spa and Bathhouse is a state-of-the-art wellness venue in the seaside town of Sorrento ...

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