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Every now and then, we all need an escape. We need to leave the rest of the world, its hustle and bustle and cares and crises, behind us, and withdraw to a place where calm and quiet reigns.

The beauty about scheduled retreats is that many offer experiences where the guest can dive deeper into therapies, treatments and activities over several days. Designed to kickstart or maintain your wellness journey, these holidays can be designed for the solo traveller or groups.

What sort of retreats and locations are we talking about? That depends on you. You might choose a simple bush retreat where you are woken by bird song, and where the play of the breeze through the trees provides a soft soundtrack.

You might choose an island escape, where the only thing between you and the horizon is the waves, where you can watch the sun rise from out of the water, or the moon slowly sink towards it. You might opt for a remote hilltop retreat, where stars glitter so brightly from unpolluted skies that you feel you could reach out and touch them – or you might find a special place of your own.

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Featured retreats

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