Time to disconnect

You know it’s true: your relationship with your phone is just a little dependent, isn’t it? You’re so used to being connected - checking your emails, flicking through social media, looking up the answer to that random question that’s just popped into your head - that being without your phone is a strange concept.

There’s just one problem with this: you never actually get to unwind, because there is no spare moment that can’t be filled. Put down that phone, and you will find that you switch into an entirely different mode of being.

It’s slower, because you allow each moment to just be. It’s more mindful, because instead of staring at a screen, you’re using all your senses to experience the environment around you, whether it is the smell of eucalyptus or the sound of crashing waves. It’s a calm, creative space. Breathe in and enjoy.

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Experiences to unplug

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