Blue Derby Pods Ride

Launceston and North, Tasmania

You know that feeling of being in a ‘flow’ state, when things are effortless, fun, and freeing and you are so immersed in what you are doing that time is irrelevant? 

This is the ethos behind the incredible Blue Derby Pods Ride. Directors Tara and Steve Howell are passionate about helping guests find their flow, and in fact, their vision is to inspire a global community of ‘Flow Seekers’ from their stunning patch in North East Tasmania – surrounded by the world-class Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails network. 

Blue Derby Pods Ride offers all-inclusive, luxury multi-day mountain bike experiences that provide you with the chance to unplug, breathe and get active in nature in a safe and sustainable environment. This is so much more than a trail ride. There’s experienced guides, delicious Tasmanian food and wine, and four unique, architecturally designed accommodation ‘Pods’ nestled in the forest. 

We love their Iconic 3-day Experience – it’s the perfect length to develop your skills and maybe even change your life.

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