Connecting to Country – Beginners Guide

Central Highlands, Victoria

The word ‘Yilam’ means ‘camp’ in the language of the Taungurung Nation – the First peoples of the rivers and the mountains in the highlands of Victoria where this experience is held.

For thousands of years First Nations People have cared for and managed these lands, carefully cultivating intricate and sophisticated knowledge systems based on the fundamental belief that we are connected to all things.

This overnight camping experience is specifically designed to empower beginner campers to feel confident and safe out bush. Once the basics are covered you’ll then participate in specially selected activities designed to teach you how to cultivate your own connection to Country. Lessons on the basics of camping and caring for Country include the equipment needed, food and cooking, campsite selection, fire making and safety, set-up, pack-up, and general safety advice. There are also guided mindfulness activities such as ‘listening to Country’ bush walks.

Guests will gain an increased awareness of Aboriginal People and culture and come away feeling welcome and safe on Country, connected to the land and empowered to take their friends and family camping.

This experience is offered bi-monthly and is also availble on request.

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  • Camping fees.
  • Meals (1 x dinner, 1 x lunch, 1 x breakfast and a selection of snacks).
  • Aboriginal guide.
  • 20% off all ‘Yilam On Country’ products.
  • Participants must secure their own transport to and from the campsite.

Making a difference

  • Yilam experiences are culturally aligned and help care for Country by minimising environmental degradation and reducing waste in the camping industry.
  • They offer broad community benefits such as increased physical and emotional wellbeing, and greater respect for First Nations People and Cultures.
  • Yilam offers inclusive experiences.

A word from your host

Kaley, Co-Founder
“Pronounced ‘yil-um’ this word directly translates to ‘camp’. However for our people the meaning is much deeper than that. Yilam means ‘home’. We want to teach people to connect with and value nature, to treat Country as if it were their home – because ultimately, it is.”

Getting there

This experience is held on Taungurung Country.
Trawool is about 90 minutes north of Melbourne. The meeting point is the corner of Goulburn Valley Highway and Greenslopes Road, Trawool, VIC 3660.


AU $2500 per night, maximum of 10 people.

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