Five ways to enjoy a mindful break in Esperance

22 Mar, 2022

Find your true bliss on WA’s south coast

Esperance is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Whether you head for Lucky Bay, where kangaroos relax on the sand, or to the gin-clear waters of Twilight Beach, watching the waves roll in is a guaranteed way to clear your head. However, Esperance also has plenty of other ways to get your bliss back. Whether you love the adrenaline boost of a natural high or savour the slow pace of a wellness retreat, add a few of these activities to your itinerary.

Enjoy an island adventure

You don’t have to go far to enjoy an island escape, with 100 or so uninhabited islands lying just 15km off the coast of Esperance. Take the 40-minute ferry ride to Woody Island for a relaxing day out. Expect to see dolphins, sea lions and seals frolicking in the waters, while sea eagles soar overhead. Hike one of the island’s trails or head to the ocean for some snorkeling. Alternatively, enjoy the view from above with a sightseeing flight over Middle Island, where you can gaze down at the extraordinary pink Lake Hillier.

"Esperance is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the country."

Go bush

From the leisurely Len Otte Nature Trail in Cape Arid National Park to the challenging Frenchman Peak Walk in Cape Le Grand National Park, the area around Esperance has no shortage of memorable bushwalks. If you prefer something slightly more heart-pumping and are good on two wheels, the 16km Piggery mountain bike trail, set amid bush outside town, offers high-energy thrills through its numerous berms and jumps.

“Browse the stalls laden with straight-from-the-farm produce at the fortnightly Esperance Growers Market

Eat fresh

For a small town, Esperance has many ways to eat fresh. Browse the stalls laden with straight-from-the-farm produce at the fortnightly Esperance Growers Market, held at the Scout Hall on Saturday mornings. You can also enjoy a paddock-to-plate lunch at the Yirri Grove olive farm, where the delicious tasting plates include not just olives but cheese, homemade relish and sourdough.

Get wet

It’s tempting to just tour the Esperance coastline, taking to the waves at each stunning beach, but inland you’ll find aquatic adventures in the lakes, too. The Esperance Lakes Canoe Trail offers more than 5km of gentle paddling (and some great birdwatching along the way), starting at Woody Lake and heading out through a tranquil channel into Lake Wheatfield. For the best paddling conditions, come between June and December.

“Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature at Esperance Chalet Village.”

Find your balance

If you want maximum wellness with minimum effort, check yourself in for one of the four-night retreats run by Body Pulse Pilates at Esperance Chalet Village. Structured around daily Pilates classes, the retreat also includes yoga sessions and a sound healing experience. There are also opportunities to immerse yourself in the healing power of nature, with kayaks and bikes available to use, as well as a day excursion to the lovely Cape Le Grand National Park.

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