Find your tribe

Admit it: not so long ago, you had a bucket list of places where you wanted to go and things you wanted to do. It’s okay; many of us were just the same. But if there is one thing recent events have taught us, it is that what matters most is not where we are, but who we are with. People crave connection, and it is something that is available every day in so many ways.

Gather your favourite people together for a shared activity. Whether it’s a guided hike or a yoga class, you’re creating memories even as you add another layer to your togetherness. Not near your loved ones? Connecting with strangers can also give you a lift; it can be as simple as chatting with farmers about their produce at a market, or striking up a conversation with a passer-by on a bushwalk.

Experiences to connect

3-day Iconic Blue Derby Experience

This incredible 3-day, all-inclusive experience will have you immersed in a lush rainforest in North East Tasmania...

Adelaide City Scenic Electric Bike Tour

This 3-hour guided e-bike tour is the perfect way to see one of our favourite cities.

Luxe Lovers Indulgence Package at Calabash Bay Lodge

Calabash Bay Lodge, on the Hawkesbury River near Sydney, is a complete escape from...

2-night Signature Wellness Package at Crane Lodge

Crane Lodge, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, is immersed in 360 degrees of lush greenery...

4-day Nature, Wildlife and Conservation Safari

If you are keen for a ‘green getaway’ where you can give back to the environment, then this unique tour, hosted by FNQ Nature Tours...

Revive 2-night Wellness package

Looking for an escape from your normal routine to revive yourself deeply and align your body...

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