Nature calls at Seal Rocks

22 Mar, 2022

Beaches, forests, lakes and more – the great outdoors is calling. In this tranquil sanctuary on the mid-North Coast in New South Wales, Reflections Holiday Park in Seal Rocks is where visitors can reconnect with nature.

Perched in a pocket of paradise, the isolated village relaxes the mind and soul. Flanked by a flourishing green forest and the rolling waves of the beach, Reflections Holiday Park in Seal Rocks has premium villas which have been hand-crafted and sustainably made. The cool contemporary designed villas are right on the water’s edge and fit right in with the surrounding nature.

Base your holiday here, where you can cosy up in your self-contained beach cabin, spend the night under the stars in glamping tents or bring along the caravan or RV.

Snorkel with the turtles

The sea grass beds off Number 1 Beach are favoured feeding grounds for hawksbill and green turtles. Take the plunge here and you will usually encounter several of these endearing creatures. Also keep an eye out for blue groupers and harmless wobbegong sharks. Another popular snorkelling spot is Statis Rock, offshore from Boat Beach, where you can expect to see colourful fish life and perhaps even hear the squeaks and whistles of the resident pod of dolphins. The currents mean this one is only for strong swimmers.

“The beautiful beaches around Seal Rocks are beckoning.”

Hit the berms in Wallingat National Park

Mountain bikers will love the 11km loop trail on offer in Wallingat National Park, which unfurls beneath towering blue gums, cabbage palms and coachwoods. There is even a picnic spot where you can stop and refuel before completing the circuit.

“Perched in a pocket of paradise, the isolated village of Seal Rocks relaxes the mind and soul.”

Find your perfect beach

Whether you want to float in calm waters or feel the spray as the waves crash in, the beautiful beaches around Seal Rocks are beckoning. For sheltered turquoise waters, try Shelly Beach or Elizabeth Beach. Want to go where the surf is pumping? Try Blueys Beach or Seal Rocks.

There is no shortage of sparkling blue lakes in this area that invite you to go swimming or kayaking, but the most dazzling has to be Wallis Lake, which covers 99 square km. Wallis Lake is also where some of the best oysters in the state are grown. Buy them farm-fresh in one of the many outlets in the twin towns of Foster and Tuncurry for a delicious hit of brain food.

“Want to go where the surf is pumping? Try Blueys Beach or Seal Rocks.”

Be uplifted at the Green Cathedral

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the serenity of the Green Cathedral. This outdoor church built into a palm forest on the shores of Wallis Lake is a wonderful spot to clear your mind and give thanks for the many joys in your life. A non-denominational service is held every Sunday but you can drop by anytime and take a seat on one of the rough wooden pews.

Go whale watching at Treachery Head

This perfectly-positioned promontory is one of the best spots to watch for whales during the migration season between May and October. If your trip falls outside that time, don’t despair – this is also a prime perch if you want to catch some of the local dolphins having a playful frolic. And should the dolphins take the day off, it’s still worth making the trip for the panoramic views and to watch the albatross that enjoy gliding the thermal currents.

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