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The older you get, the more you realise that your mother was right about some things. That making your bed first thing in the morning gets the day off to a good start, for instance, and that you should never wash whites and coloureds together. Here’s one more thing she was right about: if you are feeling down, the best way to lift your spirits is to help someone else.

The good news is, choosing the right holiday is a great way to give back. That might mean choosing to skip the bright lights of the big city to enjoy some downtime in a regional community where your holiday dollar helps boost the local economy. It might mean doing something for the environment, whether that is getting involved in a tree-planting project or going off-grid to lighten your impact on the planet. Or you might opt for an indigenous

experience, knowing that you are doing your small part to understand more about the oldest living culture on the planet and supporting it to flourish for years to come.

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