Wild Mindfulness

Daylesford & surrounds, Victoria

Wild Mindfulness was founded with the aim of sharing the useful tools of mindfulness with others. Founder, Judy, feels that her journey with mindfulness changed her life, significantly improving her mental health as well as increasing inner happiness and resilience. The team also wanted to share their sense of adventure and love of nature.

Wild Mindfulness runs guided hikes that take you into the depths of Daylesford’s stunning forests, offering a unique and interactive bushwalking experience. Combining information about the forest with guided mindfulness practices, they take you on an immersive and sensory nature experience.

The tours are designed to offer you insight into mindfulness practice as well as an opportunity to connect more deeply with the forest environment, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired.

We love the Mindfulness Forest Tour, held in the Wombat State Forest, located just 10 minutes from Daylesford. The forest is approximately 70,000 hectares in size and it’s perfect for forest bathing, mindful walks and wildlife spotting.

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