Valley Outdoors

Shoalhaven, New South Wales

While there are intrinsic benefits of simply spending time in nature, carefully designed and expertly facilitated experiences can be transformative.

Valley Outdoors is an experienced team of outdoor professionals based in Gangurang, Kangaroo Valley. They offer a range of accessible, inclusive adventures that will immerse you in the natural world, including canoeing, abseiling, hiking and camping. They can cater for groups of up to 60 people, with experiences lasting from a few hours to a few days at a range of locations across the South Coast and Southern Highlands in NSW.

The team at Valley Outdoors prefer to focus on the sociological side of wellness. Instead of focusing on the individual psyche, they believe that some of the biggest impacts on wellbeing (mental, spiritual and more) come from time, in nature, together – a shared experience, making memories, telling stories, learning about (and from) each other.

We love that Valley Outdoors has special canoe rigs that offer stable platforms that allow people with a range of disabilities to participate in canoeing with their family or friends.

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