Shizuka Ryokan

Daylesford & surrounds, Victoria

Shizuka is a Japanese term for tranquillity and at this renowned Japanese guesthouse, Shizuka Ryokan, this is exactly what you will experience. Slip off your shoes and enter a world that is distinctly Japanese, right in the heart of Victorian spa country.

At Shizuka Ryokan you will experience authentic Japanese accommodation offerings, cuisine and nourishing spa treatments. The simple Zen design, hushed intimacy of rooms behind sliding shoji screens, and ritualised routines will quiet your mind and soothe your soul. Shizuka often runs scheduled retreats also.

All guest rooms feature authentic hallmarks of traditional Japanese style accommodation including futon bedding, shoji rice paper sliding screens, decorative tokonoma alcoves and genuine tatami straw matting, offering that subtle fragrance unmistakably reminiscent of Japan.

Meals at Shizuka Ryokan are traditional and feature local organic vegetables, locally fermented miso and follow recipes handed down through generations. Enjoy sashimi, tempura, seasonal vegetables, Japanese rice, miso soup and simmering broths.

There is also a relaxing day spa offering facials, massage, yoga and reflexology.

Wrap yourself in your yukata, sip your green tea and sink into serenity at Shizuka.

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