Indulge yourself

Let’s do something radical: let’s talk about you. What do you need right now? A moment to slow down? A little nurturing? The chance to wash away the cares of the world and focus on yourself and your own needs for once?

There is a special joy that comes from allowing ourselves to be pampered, to stop thinking about what we need to do next and focus on what feels good right now. From simply slowing down and allow ourselves simply to enjoy.

What that means is different for every person. For some it’s about rising early and enjoying a brisk walk or a relaxing swim. Others look forward to sleeping late and lingering over a long brunch. It could mean signing up for those activities you never normally have enough time for, whether that’s a meditation session or a painting class.

Or it could be the simple joy of doing nothing. Whatever works for you, it’s time to treat yourself.

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